About me

Multi Media Practitioner

Starting out as a youth worker for Sheffield City Council in the early 1990s, I forged a career as a music producer, performer and educator. By 1995 I had founded a non-profit organisation called the Music Making Movement, which provides free training and recording time for young people in Sheffield, UK. Our first multi-media recording studio, established in 1999, enjoyed a number of successes before I left the UK in 2003.

My multi-media products are primarily music based, although I also enjoy designing websites and video projects. I have been teaching people to use Cubase music production software since 1995. As a producer, performer and educator I am constantly looking for new innovations that make the creative process more efficient and enjoyable..


My expertise in this area stem from my practice as a youth worker. Focusing on young people facing multiple disadvantages, I combine informal education methods with my love for multi-media production. Whether working in a school, youth centre, recording studio or freelance I use information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a vehicle to reach a shared destination. Of course, the journey (or process) is more significant than the destination (or outcome) in this line of work.

I advocate for "Youthwork as Informal Education" because it is effective at bringing about social change through action and transformation. 

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My interest in research began half way through my undergraduate degree programme. I planned to study crime and deviance in my second year simply because I thought it would be a subject to which I could relate. As I began to read Howard Becker's book "Outsiders" I started thinking differently. Until this point I had read social science literature begrudgingly for coursework. Since reading about labelling theory I developed a keen interest in crime, deviance, difference and rebellion. Especially working with young people on the margins I found it a stimulating and challenging exercise to apply theory to my practice.

Since that initial fusion of youth work practice and sociology I have pursued a number of related interests. As a practitioner with access to young people's actions, views and opinions, I developed my social and education research skills. Check my publications page for more details.