Products featured here come from friends, colleagues and myself.

One Small Clue (Windows VST plugin developer)

Proxy Networks This company specializes in developing collaboration and remote support software for businesses of all sizes, providing a vital support link between IT staff and the computers they maintain. 

Easy to use Microsoft Word template for coding, extracting and referencing qualitative data. Particularly useful for researchers conducting multi-modal discourse analyses.

DA-Word helps to organise, code, extract and reference text. This program is easy to use and quick to learn (assuming you use Microsoft Word). The program will be useful to anyone doing qualitative research. There are two main differences between DA-Word and other qualitative data analysis packages:

1. You can learn to use DA-Word in 10/15 minutes.

2. DA-Word doesn't analyse text (that's your job).

NB. This is a PC version only

Download a free 30-day trial of DaWord (below)

Detextive is a tool for textual analysis. It can read any type of document OpenOffice supports (.doc, .odt, .html, .txt) as well as websites, rss feeds and it can even search google to find text on its own.

After you add all files/websites/etc. you want analyzed in this interface you will be taken to an advanced dynamic interface that will show you tagclouds of the documents, let you browse them and fetch more detailed analysis of specific words.


The jam2jam family of software allows people to play music and do video remixing together locally or over the internet. The system is fun and can enhance learning and social interaction. Jam2jam software is used for research by an international team examining the role of network jamming for learning and community arts.