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DIScoveringABILITIES Project: -

The project provided a system for interactive music therapy performance experiences for young Australians with Down Syndrome in urban and remote locations. It facilitates interactive participatory performances and exhibition of concert recordings over the Internet.

IMP 100 Songs in 100 Hours (

I sound engineered these and several other commercial releases in four hours each (Gasworks Studios, QUT)

Abe & Issac



Dirty, catchy goodness

Brisbane locals Massai deliver a punchy EP with hooks aplenty. The group’s second release kicks off with the catchy Sail Away, beginning with a faux-religious spoken word introduction before rolling into a straight-up indie rock track. The EP contains a few of these more formulaic tracks, which is not necessarily a bad thing, as there is definitely nothing wrong with the catchy formula. Unfortunately when balanced up against the more dirty and rollicking songs, they don’t stand out quite as much. The highlight of the release, Abe And Isaac, definitely comes from the latter category with its dirty southern-tinged guitar and lyricism. Closing song Hey Cuba Let’s Talk is another great track that places itself on the dirtier side and is far more interesting for it. Mr Delphian as a whole is a solid EP with some very memorable songs.


2010: Research

Editor of an academic book titled "Songs of Resilience"

Designer of a Social Media Assessment Model for disengaged youth

2009: Research

2008: Education

2007: Education

2006: Music




Qualitative research regarding young people's informal education projects. Studio Manager. Multi-media tutor. Senior administrator. Responsible for staff training, accreditation, enrollment and budgets.


1998 - 2003: 

1998 - 99: Social Policy Lecturer

1998 - 2003: Disability Support & Supervision

1997 - 2003: Qualitative Social research

1995 - 2002: Youth & Community Development

1995: Founding member, treasurer & co-ordinator of a non-profit organisation